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The coffin nail shape, also known as ballerina style, is what it sounds like: lengthy acrylics with a tapered, squared-off edge that looks like a coffin or ballet shoe. 

Nails Salon 20706 - Nails Pizazz- The best nail salon in Lanham

This nail shape has a lot of attitude and also gives you plenty of space to play with color, design, and decoration. You can take them to the next level with holographic foiling, ombré coloring, beads, and jewels.

Nails Salon 20706 - Nails Pizazz- The best nail salon in Lanham

Always a classic, round nails are versatile and can be played up or down depending on your stylistic preferences. Experiment with bright coral tones or pastel colors, they are a trendy choice this summer. For an elegant finish, paint your nails with a nude polish with added shine. This infuses a hint of glamour without going overboard.

Durable and stylish, square nails are best for women who are afraid of snagging or breaking their nails. They’re also considered the healthiest nail shape as there’s less risk of your nails flaking, catching, or breaking.
The shape is easy to maintain at home between salon appointments. Pick a bright neon hue for an exciting change. Muted pastels are a fashionable alternative for those lazy beach days and midday parties.

Nails Salon 20706 - Nails Pizazz- The best nail salon in Lanham

Almond nail shape looks the way they sound – the base of the nail is left in its naturally rounded state, then the sides are tapered, and the tips are smoothed into a small point.
Almond nails are a sexy and glamorous shape. The overall effect makes your fingers look slimmer, and the shape is easy to pair with numerous colors and designs.
Because this nail shape requires some length to create, some opt for acrylics to get the almond look. Mix pastel ombre with the block color nails, for the playful and fun summer style.

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