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Nude Nail Shades
If you still don't know which color suits you best, just choose nude! Nude is a simple and neutral color that can go well with any kind of outfit.

Diamond Nail Designs
Crystal nails, rhinestone nails, and gem nails should be on your manicure list. These manicures will make you stand out from the crowd.

Matte Nails
Matte nail polishes became super popular a few years back. Since then, most of the girls opt for matte nails, because they do look more eye-catching.

Nail salon 20706 | Nails Pizazz | Nail salon Lanham | Lanham MD 20706
Nail salon 20706

Chrome Nails
If you're not already obsessed with chrome manicures, you're about to be. Chrome nails are a style that everyone who enjoys dazzling manicures should try at least once. Depending on what powder you use and how you apply it, you can get anything from a holographic to a mirrored effect.

Flower Nail Designs
Floral nail art designs are acceptable for a multitude of events from work to play and are very pretty for weddings and dances.

Nail salon 20706 | Nails Pizazz | Nail salon Lanham | Lanham MD 20706

Sequin Nails
Those girly nights, prom nights, and other themed parties are suitable for glitter_nails. Whether it's adding just a touch of sparkle to the tips, or a bit of shimmer to the cuticles, there are hundreds of different ways to wear the glitter trend, and sequin is one of the prettiest ways to rock glitter nails! The equin nail art design comes in different motifs and patterns. Give them a try, won't you?

Here are the latest must-have nail trends! Our professional techs are able to help you achieve a great work of art.
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